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Security of the Village
Amaia Scapes has guarded entrance and exits wherein residents are the only ones who are allowed to go in. Of course, the residents can invite guests over but make sure to let the security know ahead of time to avoid problems. There is also a perimeter fence to ensure that the entire village is guarded and well secured. All of these will make sure that you and your family can comfortably and safely live inside the parameter walls of Amaia Scapes.

Basket Ball Court
Amaia Scapes General Trias Cavite has their basketball court where residents can play anytime they please. Basketball leagues can also be done in this area of the village if there will be any. Having a basketball court means that you no longer have to play on the street or go out of the village just to play basketball somewhere else. Plus, you can get to know some of your neighbors and be friends with them.

Playground Facilities
Of course, children will have their designated area where they enjoy being kids and play together with the other children in the village. Having a playground in your village will not only entertain the children but will also help them with their social skills.

Swimming Pool
A swimming pool will also be included in Amaia Scapes General Trias Cavite, where the residents can enjoy after a long day at work or school. The pool can be used by residents, but there will be designated hours for that. Using the pool late at night won’t be safe since there will be no one to look after you in case unforeseen things happen.

Tree Lined Road
Another good thing about living in Amaia Scapes is that the roads are lined with trees. Being surrounded by nature is such a good feeling since it gives a relaxing touch to everything. Your children can freely play around the trees, or you can even stay under the trees since they can provide shade against the sun.

Patio Green
One of the amazing facilities that Amaia has to offer is the patio green, where residents can walk around or even jog. You can even lie down and relax after a long week while breathing the fresh air that nature can provide you. Living in a place that is serene and accommodative will surely provide you a stress-free life that you truly deserve.

There is also a pavilion that can be rented and use for occasions, including birthdays or just random parties. All you have to do is to book the place and plan on time for you to ensure that the place will be reserved under your name at your preferred date and time.

Amaia Scapes Village Patio
The Amaia Scapes village patio can serve as your get together place where you and the family can enjoy grilling barbecues and such. You may also use the village patio to get to know your neighbors or invite your friends over. You will surely love how spacious and well design the village patio is here in Amaia Scape General Trias Cavite.

Amaia Scapes General Trias’ strategic location will brings you a lot closer to almost everything to where you are living in with your family. All of the facilities and the amenities that the community has will be able to help you experience a comfortable lifestyle.

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